Why I’d like to receive coaching

I feel like I could ask your assistance for two projects and one overall process. The process is one of discovering a way to place my work into paid public circulation. You could help me discover how to increase interest in my work and develop awareness of where similar work might be in demand.

The first project I propose is to share a story of heuristics in image creation. I want to discuss a process I am using as an algorithm, and invite your fine arts knowledge to help open to new relevant areas. It’s true that you use oil pant and I use digital paint, but the conceptual work that comes into making an image for sale is something I want to share and receive feedback on. How do you think about making images that reflect your own care and skill, while addressing the real world realities of art sales?

The second project involves my portraits. I remember reading your website, and imaging that you could direct my thoughts and techniques to improve my images by enhancing skin tone as you have. I continue to focus on shape accuracy as a way to improve recognition. I also want to expand my abilities in physical production of framed high resolution prints.

If you wish to take me on as a student, please let me know how I can enroll as I look forward to beginning at your earliest convenience. I would be happy to meet, or you can call me at +12365623627, email me at jeffreyleese at gmail.com, or use this reply form.