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  • Warmth!

    In which a fictional visual entity, blob, begins to enter public space. The world of the blog, and the response of two people, create a feeling of attention. The image portrays the feeling of being seen, and in this case a warm embrace, represented as flowing molten light.

  • Painting outside

    Today I went up to Gonzalez Hill. I found my favourite spot, and drew the bay.

  • Portraits at Goward House

    I’ve been enjoying weekly visits to Goward House, where members of the local community sit for portraits. There are about 8 to 10 painters and we sit in a semicircle for about 90 minutes. I came to accept that 90 minute portraits might look unfinished. Gradually I’m beginning to work to the amount of time […]

  • Master Copy

    I attended an etelier class through the Arts Student League of New York. The teacher, John A. Variano, offered us the work of Rogier Van der Weden. While working on this, my copy powers noticed that there are hue areas, just like shadow and highlight areas. In this case, I integrated areas of blue and […]



After a long walk, create an image from the view.

Abstract landscapes

See an image as though it were a view.


Make a character and let it interact with context


Pure space, subject to light and sound


People who allowed me to see and record

Master copy

A learning process where an esteemed painting is recreated

About Jeff Leese

Currently living in Victoria BC, where I can walk the coast, hike the mountains, and paint in nature.

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