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  • Show your art!

    There … I completed the command from this invitation. I have two weeks to prepare some things to share and sell… Perhaps some fridge magnet images…

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  • Meetup with visual artists

    Meetup with visual artists

    February 23 I joined the host Melinda Kennedy, and 4 other attendees of the Victoria Art Meetup Group. We each had an opportunity to show a piece of work, to talk about our experience and to receive feedback. I shared that my experience of showing work is depicted in this composition. It reflects how, under…

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  • Showing at Goward House

    Showing at Goward House

    I’m pleased to show this work as part of a show with six other artists. March 1 to April 30 the Goward House Portrait Painters show is displayed in the main gallery. This is a new experience for me. I am introduced to the experience of framing, and the process of making images into sales…

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  • wintry cold

    wintry cold

    I hear the wind blowing and the snow building. It was December 21 2022. I think of this as a composition: a corrugated layer of icicle texture, an overlaying layer of windy vapour, and a central element. The central element is in the subject role, while the back and overlay layers are contextual. The central…

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McMinnon point

After a long walk, create an image from the view.

See an image as though it were a view.

Make a character and let it interact with context

Pure space, subject to light and sound

People who allowed me to see and record

A learning process where an esteemed painting is recreated

A metaphor of the visual creation process.

About Jeff Leese

Currently living in Victoria BC, where I can walk the coast, hike the mountains, and paint in nature.

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